Faster dining with pre-pay technology.

Tabledash provides pre-payment software that helps casual restaurants reduce wait times and offer a faster dining experience to their customers.

built for restaurants

Fast-track payments


Visits to dine-in restaurants are made by UK customers each year.


Of customers lose patience when their food takes too long to arrive.


Customers say they wouldn't return if they had to wait too long for the bill.

Customers want the same fast, wait-free service in your restaurant that they get in other retail and hospitality sectors.

Tabledash helps dine-in restaurants offer faster dining experiences by making manual tasks that frustrate your customers quicker, like waiting to order and pay.

How it works

Supercharge service

Simple integration

Tabledash’s API allows you to integrate our platform into your existing booking website and POS systems with ease.

Take pre-payments

Give your customers the option to pre-order and securely pre-pay for food and drinks, directly from your branded website and apps.

Satisfy customers

Seat and serve pre-paying customers immediately and allow them to leave as soon as they’re finished without waiting for the bill.


Safeguard sales

Our competitive licensing fee and low transaction costs means you don't lose out as usage increases.


Licensing Fee

(per store, per month)


Transaction fee

(per transaction)

why tabledash?

Futureproof dine-in

Don't change a thing

Our platform integrates with your existing website and booking system so your brand remains front and centre.

Get more people through the door

Our pre-order and pre-payment technology helps you drive efficiency at lunchtimes so you can get more bums on seats and give servers more time to focus on making each customer experience enjoyable.

Manage large parties more efficiently

Our platform makes group dining easier by allowing multiple customers to log into the same cart to both pre-order and split the bill as needed.

Understand your customers better

Our dashboard gives you a wealth of insightful data so you can discover your most popular dishes, find pricing sweet spots, plan staff levels, manage food prep times and spot inefficiencies.

Be known for great service

Tabledash’s technology was built with chain restaurants in mind so we’ve made our platform easily scalable by removing the need for in-store hardware.

Endorsed by popular UK brands

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